Masterlock Safety Series

Masterlock SeriesMaster Lock® offers a complete line of Safety Lockout/Tagout products, to complement our full range of safety padlocks. This exclusive line of LO/TO accessories includes innovative and patent-pending cable lockouts, gate valve, ball valve, circuit breaker, plug covers and much more. Available individually or in modular kits and stations, these LO/TO products are effective and easy-to-use.

The Master Lock Safety Series products and services are designed to help you successfully develop and implement the best possible lockout/tagout system for your facility. The goal is for your facility to meet or surpass OSHA’s LO/TO requirements. While it’s important to satisfy regulations, preventing accidents and protecting your employees is critical. You can rely on the Safety Series lockout and tagout products to perform to the high standards you expect from Master Lock.

Lockout / Tagout is planned security procedure that consists of shutting off the power of industrial machines or equipment while repairing or servicing.

This procedure protects employees from risks due to power sources. Used properly in conjunction with a well-planned lockout process, the safety padlock helps ensure that employees will not inadvertently energize a piece of equipment while some one else is working on it. Master Lock provides elaborated keyed systems for better security : 1 employee - 1 padlock - 1 key , this means all employees carry a unique key and no one else's key can open the other employee's safety padlocks. Master Lock offers enough unique key numbers to serve all current emplyees, with room for future growth (+1.000.000 key differs available).

This states that Lockout and Tagout devices shall be singularly identified, shall be the only devices used for controlling energy, shall not be used for other purposes and shall meet the following requirements: Durable - capable of withstanding the environment to which they are exposed for the maximum period of time that exposure is expected. Safety Series products are produced from high quality metals (steel, aluminium, brass and plastics (Xenoy®, HDPE), and designed to withstand almost any safety lockout environment.

Master Lock offers three materials for safety lockout padlocks. Choose one that will fit your needs:

  • Standardized - Devices shall be standardized within a facility in at least one of the following criteria: colour, shape or size. All Safety Series products are available in safety red. Choose from up to nine colours for the safety padlocks to customize your lockout system (by department, responsability, etc.) within you facility.
  • Substantial - to prevent removal without the use of excessive force (such as cutting tools) or other techniques. Safety Series products are robust, designed and produced from substantial materials, to always stand up to normal handling and operating conditions.
  • Identifiable - must indicate the identity of the employee applying the device. identification labels are supplied with the Xenoy® padlocks and are available for the steel and aluminium locks. Lockout tags and custom laser engraving services are available. Critical lockout devices (Safety Series gate valves, adjustable cable lockout, etc.) include a unique, write-on erasable label to identify the responsible person.
Masterlock Safety Series

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