A wide production, an effective commercial network, a high product quality and a flexible structure are the strong points of SITI, a Company founded by Filippo Guerra in the year 1967, specialized in the manufacture of gearboxes. Our production range is extremely wide, therefore it can offer the proper solution for uncountable applications. Thanks to the commercial network, widespread all over the world, we have become reliable suppliers, able to supply high quality gearboxes.  In fact, the entire production is developed inside the Company, thus it is submitted to an appropriate  process control.

At last, the Company organization and the reduced dimensions enable SITI to supply solutions tailored on purpose for the customer, thus proposing itself as a partner rather than a simple supplier.

This strategic choice has enabled both to strengthen the commercial relations, which have been protracted for more than twenty years, and to promote the joined growth of SITI and their customers. Furthermore, the Company strategy has acquired as top priority a steady and permanent plan of investments. Over  the years, machineries at the vanguard have been purchased and a series of more and more updated and improved products, suitable to the market requirements, have been developed. After renewing the machinery  range and giving rise to a wide range of products of excellence, we intend from now onwards to invest more strongly in human resources. This is  no doubt one of the most difficult challenges of our time, but we believe that just the human factor will turn out to be the requisite determining the long-lasting success of a Company. On the other hand, the investments on research and development  remain on a constant level . Despite the fact the gearbox may be considered a mature product, the innovation plays still a primary role and the frontier in our product is mainly highlighted  in the research of new materials and of customized solutions  In addition to this, SITI is creating wide synergies not only with Institutes of Research, but even with Companies of the high precision mechanics, aiming at sharing production and commercial experiences.

The Company, currently accomplishing 70% of their turnover on the foreign markets,  is being even developing new product lines, aimed at  entering the field of the heaviest applications, used in industrial sections in high expansion, like the one of renewable energies and waste recycling. The production management is arranged using computer science  tools, able to continuously reduce the crossing times and to be more and more flexible.


SITI takes advantage of the widest range of products available amoung all the main manufacturers throughout the world.


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For enquiries or to place an order contact Grant: 

Email: grantv@probegroup.co.za

Tel:+27 11 453 0924 

Mechanical Speed Variators

High Modularity
- matched with a large range of gearboxes, they are suitable to modular assembling of flanges, feet and torque arms.

High Versatility
- 7 sizes, more than 200 versions, with wide range of different mounting positions.

High Performances
- max input power 11 kW.
- max torque 3000 Nm.
- With the differential device, output speed can be brought to “zero” speed, when the motor is running.

High Reliability
- Sturdy cast iron housing for heavy duty applications.
- Planets and races are made in special steel 100Cr6 and are in oil bath, that guarantee the best conditions of transmission of the motion by friction.
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