With decades of experience and success in power transmission, Eaton Airflex has introduced its latest addition to its robust portfolio of industrial clutches and brakes.

Industrial Clutch and Brake Products

Eaton Airflex products are designed for demanding applications that require high torque and horsepower absorption as well as precise controllability. Providing the highest reliability in harsh duty conditions for the lowest total life cycle cost. 


Inching Drive Systems

Shutting down and starting up grinding mills for maintenance and inspections can be challenging and dangerous. Many companies still rely on manual techniques to move machinery through its cycles, such as jogging the start stop button. This inefficient technique is not only hazardous for workers but potentially damaging to mechanical systems.

Eaton Inching Drive Systems are the safer, simpler, faster solutions.


Eaton Inch Drive Selection Tool


Pneumatic Disc Clutch

With quick delivery times, the PDC is the perfect aftermarket solution to get back up and running, while extending the life of the clutch with lower friction wear and reduced heat generation.



For enquiries or to place an order contact Grant: 

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